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A large number of people turned out to hear well-known lecturer and business trainer Javier Madera Camacho at an event hosted by Su Socio de Negocios.

National City, California, Sept. 15, 2015. The special events room at Clarion Hotel in National City was overflowing with more than 100 entrepreneurs who had come further than just San Diego from cities like Rancho Cucamonga and even Tijuana, Mexico. The reason: to hear well-known business lecturer throughout the U.S. and Latin America, Javier Madera Camacho, speak on topics such as how to transform a good company into an outstanding one, the key to offering the best customer service, and what a businessperson has to do to be a good leader.

Prior to Madera Camacho speaking, there were two other very informative presentations, one by Wells Fargo that dealt with how to successfully start a company and the other by New York Life on the importance of having life insurance. When it came time for the main presentation, “The New Way of Selling,” Madera Camacho commanded the audience’s full attention with his expertise. “Good values need to be promoted in a company. Some of the keys are: always treat customers with respect, never lie, never prejudge, have integrity, excellence, and educate yourself. A good businessman must be passionate, consistent, create a client and contact network, and have goals,” said the Tijuana lecturer.

Everyone in attendance at the Su Socio de Negocios business seminar enjoyed hearing what the expert had to say including Karina Rivera who arrived from Rancho Cucamonga prepared to learn techniques that would help her to successfully manage her rejuvenation product business. “I was very interested. It was quite educational and the topics were precise. Javier talked a lot about momentum, forming teams. I believe no business can develop without an ideal team,” said the Latina entrepreneur.

Among others attending the seminar was Wells Fargo business specialist, Marisa Espinosa, who was very pleased with what she and the others learned. Her conclusion: “The event was brilliant; there was a lot of good information to help people wanting to build their own company or grow.”

We’ll be waiting for you at our next Su Socio de Negocios event, also with Javier Madera Camacho, to be held Wednesday, October 21, 2015, from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM, at the Ramada University Hotel in Fresno, CA.

Reserve your spot by calling 1-877-999-SSDN (7736), emailing [email protected], or visiting RSVP here!