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Martha de la Torre, CEO of El Clasificado, Recognized at SCE’s Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

By September 22, 2023Company News

Southern California Edison (SCE) recently hosted its Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, an event that spotlighted outstanding individuals and their contributions to our diverse community.

This celebration embraced the rich culture and dedication to the Hispanic community, featuring special guests who left a memorable mark on the occasion.

Honoring the rich culture and commitment to the Hispanic community, SCE had special guests who showcased their talents with a delicious vegan ceviche from the Founder & Chef of Señoreata, the newest exhibition in the Riverside Art Museum The Cheech Marin Center for Chicago Art and Culture, and special performance by Olivia Pucci, Singer from L’Avventure Entertainment.

Martha de la Torre, showcased as one of the honored businesses, shared her journey in founding El Clasificado and its associated brands. As the driving force behind El Clasificado, a highly influential Spanish-language classifieds publication in the United States, her leadership has been instrumental in empowering Hispanic communities played a pivotal role in empowering Hispanic communities.

This event serves as a testament to SCE’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our society. It’s an occasion that highlights the power of leadership, diversity, and the enduring spirit of the American Dream.