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In the wake of the financial problems of Penny Saver and its portal, the El Clasificado affiliate has strengthened its position as a major online brand for advertisers.

Any small or medium-size company with ambition and prospects should have a presence in the Internet, a need that not all Hispanic businesses know how to meet. Conscious of this, El Clasificado launched in August 2014 offering a service for any company to have a web page in Spanish and building  a presence in the most important search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

With the Penny Saver having declared bankruptcy, has become a strong, attractive alternative for companies who had utilized the services of Also, El Clasificado brand now provides opportunities for companies who prefer English to be the language of choice for their web page.

For either language, customers have their site optimized with the latest SEO and SEM techniques, a modern design that is easy to use, find online, and has been adapted to meet the tastes of the market they are targeting. Additional benefits include Google analytics reports, lead generator tools and the inclusion of your organization in leading online business directories like Yelp and Citysearch.

With certain offerings, companies that are utilizing the packages are also reaping of the benefits of having a presence in and its 25 million monthly page views, a tool today helping to connect millions of people in the California Hispanic market as well as nationally.

“I’ve been a client of theirs for the past two years and have received fabulous customer service and many business opportunities,” said John G., a user from San Bernardino who has his page on “Both the product and the service have resulted in money well spent.”

Further offering increased response for each advertiser’s marketing dollars, has also already ensured that each site is compatible with any mobile device. Helping to ensure an improved user experience as well as greater ranking within Google search results. It also provides the publicity that a company needs to increase traffic, establish its brand, grow it business as well as attract customers.

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For advertising opportunities contact, Darío Rodríguez, Multimedia Manager at [email protected], 714-308-5642.