Party planning Quince teens and their families


The Quinceanera celebration is a time honored Hispanic tradition as Quince teens go from being recognized as girls to women. Quinceanera.com and the Quinceanera.com Expo and Fashion Show have always sought to help these fashion loving, social media and pop culture craving young bilingual Latina teens and their families as they prepare for the special occasion.
By offering unique content related to each birthday party planning checklist, Quinceanera.com visitors and opt-in e-mail recipients ensure that each Quince as well as her Chamberlain and Court look spectacular, the food is delectable, and that the decorations, music, and every detail make the celebration a night Quince teens and their families will never want to forget.

Also, to further help Hispanic Moms and Dads and their young bilingual Latina teens plan for the special party, Quinceanera.com presents six major Expo and Fashions Shows throughout Southern California. Each expo allows for the party planning families to meet directly with various product merchant and service providers to help with the celebration preparations and includes a locally relevant special supplement to help reinforce advertiser efforts among Hispanic families planning their daughters 15th birthday party.

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