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Set to be hosted at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA this Sunday February 7, Super Bowl 50 carries a lot of expectations in our hearts as we root for our favorite team and expect great commercials.

Advertisers are well aware of this and have been making great plans to take advantage of your tingling heart.

More than any other super bowl could ever do, this Super Bowl 50 will bring on a lot of tears, both happy and sad, because marketers are expecting a big wave of hard –time-no-play emotional trigger business outcome winner Super Bowl advertising. Of course, one of the best TV spots for advertising campaigns to the US audience is such an event as this.  CNN expects Super Bowl 50 to be the most watched broadcast in U.S. TV history. And for that reason, advertisers will spend far on these campaigns.[1]

If excitement could kill, right?

Facts Advertisers are expecting

  • Competition is great.
  • Investment in ad campaigns is essential.
  • ROIs can be great as well.
  • Video advertising, mobile advertising, and social media marketing could never be more important than now.

But, let’s hear it from some experts, shall we?

Outcomes advertisers are expecting

Ian Worrall, CEO of Encrypted Labs, Inc., expects the concept of “immersive technology” to be taken full advantage of this Sunday. With the use of technologies such as Google Cardboard and 360 video technology, users can feel very much a part of the game. And the ability this gives users to view Super Bowl 50 related ads beyond 2D is expected to increase conversion rates.[2]

Hubert Southall, Founder of Washr, and former Executive Creative Director of Global Advertising Agency, has a hunch that live-streaming will see a spike in use during the game. As a rising hot trend in 2016, applications like Meerkat and Periscope alongside social media giant Facebook will have lots of tempting opportunities for viewers to live-share their Super Bowl 2016 experiences. The potential to better than before engage with their audiences is striking for marketers.[2]

Alexander Kostin, Digital Marketing Project Manager of, points out the obvious that around 70 percent of people attending Levi’s Stadium this February 7th will be using their smartphones. Whether their social activity will include taking pictures or messaging, advertisers will take advantage of these mobile channels. All possible contests hosted during the Super Bowl game, like Snapchat-games, selfie-quizzes and winner predictors, are designed to boost user engagement with brands, the game, their favorite team, and other related activities.[2]

Orli LeWinter, SVP strategy and Social Marketing at 360i,  echoes Kostin’s predictions. Besides posting “live stories” via Snapchat, brands will post their own content and perhaps buy Discover video ads, among other channels. By investing in Discovery advertising, media partners can have targeted content for their individually run channels.[3]

Newcomers greet their chances

Due to the expectation of advertising ROIs to bring a new wave of success due to multi-channel engagement opportunities, more advertisers are wanting in on the Super Bowl playing field. Currently, AdAge confirms 13 new marketers will air commercials for their first time. This influx is up from 10 in 2015.[4]



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