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250,000 Latinos flocked to in April, looking for resources and information for one of the most important traditions in Hispanic culture, making it the largest quinceañera community site in the world!

But you’re probably wondering why:

The rise in popularity of this award-winning site, comes off the heels of a series of live expos,  across California where thousands of millennial Latinas and their families gather together to celebrate and plan this rite of passage.

Bridging off-line and on-line activities, the website has created a sense of community found nowhere else centered around the hashtag #QuinceaneraDotCom.

Even its printed magazine double circulation to 1 million copies in 2015!

What is a Quinceañera:

Quinceañera is a spanish word referring to a girl who is 15 years old, and also the name given to the coming-of-age celebration, where in the Hispanic culture a girl becomes a woman, much like a bat mitzvah.

This is not just a typical sweet sixteen party. It is big business with the average family spending $15,000 and can resemble a wedding from the quinceañera dress, banquet hall, stretch limousine, and court of honor. Think of a mini bride-to-be.

Quince Trends: has cemented its place as the ultimate authority on all things quince, and is continuing this tradition of excellence.

Responding to demand, the quinceañera directory has been launched, to go further and connect Hispanics with the business and information they need for that special day.

Seeing an overwhelming positive response from users and businesses, the website is planning to launch a quinceañera planning app later this year to better serve Latino families.

If you want more information about amazing brand and want to benefit reaching this Hispanic segment, download our free Media Kit here!