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US Hispanic Millennials are raised in two different worlds, at home they learn the most accessible aspects of their culture: music, food and values. Outside of their homes they adapt to aspects of the American culture such as through media consumption and less traditional relationships. Combining these two environments leads to bilingual Millennials with English preference. A duality that other Non-Hispanic Millennials do not experience.*


Attractive girl with a Mexican hatThe families of Hispanic Millennials are ranked as more important than heritage and community with an emphasis placed on passing on traditions and customs. True blood is what matters most to Millennials rather than distant family and close friends,* and the importance of family can be noted in other aspects such as entertainment. Millennials prefer to watch television and movies with families rather than by themselves or with a group of friends. While social media and technology act as other examples of the strength of the direct family bond as they are often utilized as easy means to keep in touch with family and friends, most Hispanic Millennials are sociable and prefer face-to-face meetings, as a way to steer away from their constant technological use.** Shopping is an activity they prefer to do with family and their advice on what brands to purchase are strongly taken into consideration.*** However, the marriage rate for Hispanic Millennials is declining–only 4 out of 10 are married while many often live with their romantic partner. A main reason for this trend is that marriage is being delayed as many Hispanic Millennials live at home to focus on college and saving money.


The Cultural Connection Index (CCI) is a standard used to measure the cultural connection levels Hispanic groups have with their heritage.  The latest results of the CCI showed that 63% of Hispanic Millennials have a high or medium cultural connection.*** To determine the connection levels, the CCI measures respect for elders, importance of traditional Latin food and strong family connections as some of the characteristics that are generally associated with a high CCI.** Perhaps expectedly, US Hispanic Millennials who are born outside of the country are more culturally connected than those who are.

BLD035090As a result of their mixed culture, American tradition is molded into the lifestyle of Hispanic Millennials generating an open mindedness to the heretical traditions they are accustomed to growing up. While, soccer still remains popular there is also an increasing interest in extreme sports. When it comes to food and music, they interchange between hamburgers and rice and beans, or Lady Gaga and Juanes.**** Rating the top ten things Hispanic Millennials are into right now a survey found that some of the most popular included retail, technology, socializing and food chains such as Subway or Dunkin Donuts.* Proving that their diets are heavily influenced by the American culture; consuming fast food and buying easy to make products, yet also opting for healthier choices when convenient. The same results also proved Hispanic Millennials to be a very sociable group, as they love going to the movies and shopping for social occasions. *** While Gen-Y Latinos may generally prefer the English language, their behaviors and preferences also support the importance the reasons they remain in touch with the Spanish language–to maintain a balance with who they are as well as the cultures that helped shaped their ancestors before them.

Hispanic Buying Power Report

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