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 Quinceañera Industry

With Hispanics families willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money for a fifteen year old’s birthday celebration, continues to be the perfect platform that connects ready-to-spend families with eager-to-sell local businesses.

Bad economy, unemployment, low salaries? None of which are stopping Hispanics from celebrating the traditional Quinceañera party. In fact, the Quinceañera industry shows no signs of slowing down, which comes as no surprise that is now becoming a multi-billion dollar coming-of-age market. A big wake-up call for companies who have not previously capitalized on the burgeoning Quinceañera demographic.

One company that hasn’t taken this industry for granted is, a multi-platform party-planning brand, owned by El Clasificado, that integrates print publications, live expos and a thriving website. All its creative content centered on the planning of the Quinceañera celebration. Launched in 2006, the party planning resource,, became a pioneer in Southern and Central California connecting local businesses with eager young Latinas and their families willing to spend an average of $15,000 to $20,000 on their birthday extravaganza. magazine print editions.

About 400,000 Hispanic girls celebrate their 15th birthday each year, as noted by With the increase in demand, over 700 local businesses advertised in’s six print editions and Expos in 2014. From dresses, caterers, and stationary stores to bakeries, photographers, venues, and more, local businesses are jumping into the Quinceañera industry now more than ever before!

As long as this tradition continues to evolve into a massive showcase event – consider this a fact – the industry will continue to grow and become more profitable. Real proof of this is Moda 2000, a Quinceañera dress boutique based in Orange County who has participated in almost every Expo’s fashion show for the past three years, which has been hosted in San Fernando, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Orange County, Ontario, San Diego, and will expand to Fresno and Riverside this year.


Moda 2000, the quinceañera dress boutique based in Orange County.

“These Expos are a real time opportunity to sell, sell and sell,” said Gina Gutierrez owner of the dress boutique empire. “After presenting a fifteen-minute fashion show, we see a great increase in revenues. Also, it is the perfect chance to connect with the thousands of girls and their families that attend each event.” Moda 2000 sells an average of 35 to 50 dresses a month for Quinceañeras and prices varies from $300 to $1300. “And the demand keeps growing!” Gina adds.

The money people are prepared to lay out for their young’s coming-of-age extravaganza is no joke. Catherine López, an attendee of the Orange County Expo and mother of a soon-to-be Quinceañera, has already surpassed her initial budget of $10,000 and thinks it will continue to rise. “The expos are extremely helpful for comparing prices and saving money,” said the excited mom from Los Angeles. “Everything concerning a Quinceañera is getting bigger, fancier and more expensive,” Catherine added while also mentioning she attended the event as a way to keep up-to-date with the current trends.

quinceaneracom-expo Expo 2015

As one in every six teens in the United States is of Hispanic origin, meaning every day there are more Quinceañeras looking forward to their dream party. and its multiple platforms strives to continue catering to the needs of these Latina teens and their families by connecting them with businesses looking to tap into this thriving market. With their record-breaking expo attendance (10,000 in 2014), award-winning publications (an increased circulation of one million copies in 2015), and a website that has now become the largest Quinceañera community site in the world – with 250,000 visits in April 2015, the future is very promising.

Breaking news? We don’t think so. It’s not a surprise that the Quinceañera industry is booming! Get on board and serve this aggressively growing Hispanic-American market. Download the media kit today