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Cinco_de_Mayo_CalendarCinco de Mayo offers numerous opportunities to help companies stand apart from their competition via different campaigns, specials, promotions and more that go beyond traditional advertising. In many cases, companies will offer the general one day sale that falls on the 5th of May without taking into account that many of the other businesses that they are contending with are offering similar promotions. While these sales do offer incentive for American Latinos to stop in and make a purchase, buy a meal, or grab a drink, setting up the promotion in advance not only helps to offer a greater chance for improved word of mouth and anticipation, but also a stronger way to reach US Hispanics around the Cinco de Mayo holiday. Here are some ideas that can help your campaign stand out, as well as how one company was able to run a successful campaign with the hype that came from pre-promoting their Cinco de Mayo celebration.


If you’re company is looking to reach US Hispanics around Cinco de Mayo, contact us today to learn how we can help support your event, special, or promotion to reach American Latinos across the nation.

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