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Social media consumption makes a great way for Hispanics to find out the “other” side of the story.

What Everyone Ought to Know about Hispanic Trends Online

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With new technology – particularly mobile tech – on the rise, it’s easy to see why companies are pursuing more digital marketing campaigns. The need to assess and properly address the U.S. Market online is now ever so important.

For this reason – keep reading…

because if you’re overlooking these online Hispanic trends then your marketing campaigns might not be hacking into the market as they should.

Here’s what’s trending:

1. Don’t ignore the niche within the niche – Hispanic millennials

With around one fifth of the U.S. population being of Hispanic origin,* it’s no surprise that media consumption and overall online presence from this group is an increasing Hispanic trend. Add in the fact that so many Hispanic millennials now consider English as their primary form of communication and viola’ they are ready to be targeted. It’s easy to see why these millennials with their active online presence inspiring the need for more media companies to address the niche within the niche.

2. U.S. Hispanics are fast Adopters of mobile technology

In the decades recently passed, ever since the year 2000, the massive boom in U.S. births of Hispanics has seen them really take on the mantle as the fastest growing population.**

With so many Hispanics being born in a modern era which is filled with 24h news and technology, their consumption of news and information begins at a much younger age, and is sustained for life.

3. Tech-savvy Hispanics might google you (but not find you)

With 8 out of 10 Hispanics active on social media,*** it’s no surprise social media is the platform of choice for marketers. In fact, social media trends also With a typical distrust or authority or mainstream media, social media consumption makes a great way for Hispanics to find out the “other” side of the story.

4.The statistics make a statement

This excellent graph will show you just how far things have come for Hispanics in terms of device ownership. Whilst more non-Hispanics are using classic hardware like laptops and PCs more regularly, Hispanic communities have a larger selection of smartphones and tablets. This means that they are receiving their news on the go, always learning something new and staying connected with the world even if they are out and around. This creates a far more diverse and mobile way of media to be consumed, thus improving the amount of information being taken in by Hispanics.

5. Understand where their heart is

On average, a Hispanic person will spend five more minutes per day looking at digital video – whether through mainstream news sources or something more independent.**** Also, Hispanic trends for using mobile devices is much higher than it is for other groups. Because the internet use in the mobile US Hispanic Community is high, it’s important properly customize your mobile campaigns and online presence.


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