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By the nature of the site, visitors would be regarded as a marketplace for visitors who are already at the consideration stage of the purchasing cycle. They are already aware that they need or want the products, services, residences or employment opportunities that are advertised on the site, but are looking to see what options are available, and in many cases, reaching out to the advertisers to express their interest.


Hispanic_Family_Showing_Off_Keys_to_New_CarAs a consistent top two category, the most viewed ads can generally be found in the automotive category with make preferences of Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, and Ford. Coming in closely behind, employment ads also show high levels of unique pageviews most specifically for warehouse, cleaning, restaurant, nanny/babysitting, and office jobs.

Considered to be one of the most intriguing categories, rentals, which has always shown to amass a large percentage of’s pageviews as well, has shown a 55.77% increase in total pageviews vs. the same time period during the previous year. This was also expected to occur as increased amounts of total ads had been placed within the category, highlighting a trend EC Hispanic Media had known for quite some time–that if the content was there, the visitors would be as well.

Rounding out the most viewed categories, the Compra and Venta category, which includes subcategories for advertisers to sell furniture, appliances, clothes, and more, also showed high levels of unique pageviews.


Latina_Using_ComputerGiven this knowledge, an advertisers can look at the audience in a couple different ways. While it would seem likely that categories like automotive, rental, job, and general merchandise would have the highest page views due to different options like features, locations, and cost, the main reason these categories rank as highly as they do is actually related to the total amount of ads in each. This too, was reflected in the increase in pageviews seen in the rentals section.

Ultimately, what this means is that while the aforementioned four categories perform extremely well, there is also a great chance for advertisers and companies offering products, services, and sales in other categories to also advertise them to a largely engaged purchase cycle Latino-American audience. With free and paid ad options for ads, companies of all sizes can also look to tap into the already existing (and also growing) audience in other categories such as insurance, legal services, real estate, as well as party services and supplies. Even though the content there is continuing to grow, there also is still a significant chance that your company’s offering will reach the US Hispanic audience in the more than 130 locations across America currently targeted by the site as visitors will view between 10-11 pages per visit.

All this being said, being able to advertise to the audience also goes beyond just knowing that they exist or that the average visitor will see multiple pages per visit, it also requires an understanding about what drives ad responses that encourage Hispanic consumers to move from the consideration stage, to the stage of intent. Very soon, we’ll also take a look at how advertisers can work to drive this response from their ads targeting the Latino-American market with free and paid opportunities.

Hispanic Buying Power Report