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EC Hispanic Media announces its health, sports, and cultural supplements to be published in 2016, with a total distribution of 740,000 copies

El Clasificado. Los Angeles

While numerous general markets have shown declines in print distribution, many within the Hispanic community still prefer reading tangible versions of their news. Appealing to this demographic, EC Hispanic Media, a media company oriented towards the California Latino market, will publish a series of five special supplements in Spanish, and in full color, dedicated to topics ranging from the celebration of Latin culture to health and sports.

The first supplement, which focuses on health and beauty under the name “Salud y Belleza,” will be released in April 13, and will cover issues pertaining to nutrition, diets, and the healthiest way to lose weight. It will also include an exercise routine for men and women who want to be in shape for summer, and tips for staying healthy and young.

This will be followed by the eagerly anticipated “Copa America” edition, which will highlight the Copa Centenario tournament that is being held in recognition of the tournament’s 100th anniversary. Held in the United States in June, the games have managed to attract some of the top soccer talent, including Leo Messi and other great Latin American soccer players, who have already confirmed their participation.

Covered in this supplement will be information on all the countries of interest to the Hispanic audience, with special emphasis on the Mexican national soccer team and their championship odds. It will also include an analysis of the venue, the soccer stars, and valuable information about the tournament.

Continuing with the sports theme, EC Hispanic Media will also publish a supplement around the Olympics, which are being held in Brazil, and will showcase the active participation of other Latin American countries. They will discuss the odds of these countries winning a medal, the great venues located in the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the full schedule with all the tests, locations and TV hours.

“Print publications continue to play an important role in the Latino community. They convey important and useful messages that help people grow, progress, and adapt to the American lifestyle,” said Martha de la Torre, CEO and Publisher of EC Hispanic Media. “We are proud to have the infrastructure to distribute specialized publications about health, sports, Latin culture, and other issues of high importance for the Hispanic communities of California.”

The second half of the year will be dedicated to culture and tradition. First, there will be a “Fiestas Patrias” supplement dedicated to “El Grito” and the independence days of several Latin American nations. The second supplement will comprise our traditional Holiday Guide, which includes recipes, places to go shopping, and a range of leisure activities to enjoy with your family and friends during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

2016 EC Hispanic Media Special Supplements

Marked by their ability to inform and educate, the supplements have proven to be resources that readers can look back upon in the future. Each copy will be distributed through the award winning El Clasificado distribution points and will include 100,000 copies for the “Salud y Belleza,” “Fiestas Patrias,” and “Guia Festiva” supplements, and 220,000 copies for each of the sports supplements “Copa America” and “Juegos Olímpicos.” In addition, each print supplement will also be available online as an eBook that can be downloaded for free and allows for easy sharing on all major social networks.

For information about print ads and how to advertise on the pages of our new Spanish supplements, please contact our sales team at 888-679-6580.

For more information about EC Hispanic Media’s new supplements or interview opportunities please contact Gabriela Alvarado, [email protected], 1-800-450-5852.