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LA residents continue showing their love for print as El Clasificado’s English language shopper expands to reach a combined weekly circulation to 715,000.

EC Classifieds increases distribution territory to include San Fernando Valley

January 26, 2016 – With more restaurant coupons, garage sales and home service ads, EC Classifieds launches two new zones in the San Fernando Valley, reaching a total weekly circulation of 205,000. Customers, readers and sales representatives are pressuring management to quickly launch more zones to meet the demands of consumers. Who said print is dead?

Launching an English language shopper was not a part of the vision of El Clasificado’s owners and founders, Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame. However, in May 2015, a gap was left in the Los Angeles market when the Pennysaver closed and ceased publishing nearly 1 million weekly shopper magazines. Seeking to bridge the increased advertiser and consumer divide, EC Classifieds initially launched with 95,000 distributed weekly copies. In 7 months, it quickly grew to 205,000 copies for 11 unique zones, ensuring the publication stayed hyper-local. Plans are quickly developing to expand to 300,000 weekly copies throughout all of Los Angeles by the end of 2016.

“EC Classifieds and El Clasificado, combined, empower us to broaden and saturate the communities that we serve. Our coupon users, millennials, and political voting audiences have grown tremendously in the last few months,” says Martha de la Torre, CEO of EC Hispanic Media. “We are currently developing a mobile coupon app, and now, with EC Classifieds, we will easily be able to bundle a valuable print and digital coupon product to better serve the needs of local merchants.”

Joe Badame, COO, reports that in the last few weeks, the company has already added close to 1,000 new distribution locations specifically for EC Classifieds. In addition, four new distribution supervisors were hired: talent no longer needed by other shrinking newspapers but welcomed by the El Clasificado team. “We love pumping up the local economy by creating great new jobs and expanding the marketplace for our buyers and sellers,” stated Badame.

The growth in print has not distracted the EC Hispanic Media team from growing its digital marketplace. The EC Hispanic Media Network reached record level traffic in January, mostly with and The network of 32 million monthly views over-indexes with female, millennial and Hispanic traffic and is 88% mobile traffic. Developing mobile apps are a priority for the 28 years-old media company. “We are lucky to have so many strong established print and web channels to help us grow our mobile app downloads. Measuring circulation, pageviews, event attendees and now mobile app downloads is certainly keeping our analytics and accounting team busy,” says Pete Roberts, Marketing Director of EC Hispanic Media.


EC Classifieds, which came out in July of 2015, is the first English-language publication for EC Hispanic Media, a media group that includes brands such as, Al Borde, Mas Clientes, Pantera Digital and its flagship publication, El Clasificado. EC Classifieds and El Clasificado have a combined circulation of more than 700,000 weekly copies, providing advertisers with an ideal print media combination to reach a variety of different Los Angeles markets, including English and Spanish speakers, Hispanics, African Americans, Caucasians, and Bicultural markets.

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