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EC Classifieds: A Parent’s Guide to Back to School

By August 12, 2020November 3rd, 2020Company News

EC Classifieds offers tips and tools in their digital magazine for parents to prepare their child for this school year.

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EC Classifieds has compiled a list of resources for the ultimate back-to-school preparation. From school supplies and organization tips to ideas for snacks and soaking up the final days of summer, you can find what you need here.

Your virtual school child may not be physically heading back to school this fall, but it’s still time for everyone (parents included) to gear up. A new school year marks new courses, different teachers, and a fresh start. Let’s make sure you and your student get off to the best start possible.

Even through the pandemic and changes around our communities, our children’s bright futures depends on our attention to their education.

During the 2020-21 year, we have an opportunity to deliver instruction in new and different ways in safer learning environments. Regardless of what the new year holds, or the learning option you choose, our teachers are prepared to provide a high-quality and personalized experience for each student and family. We are confident we will all grow together as a result of the challenges we face together.

August 2020

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  • How to Establish a Routine for Virtual Learning
  • Free Educational Resources for Distance Learning
  • Virtual Pod: A Different Way of Looking at Homeschooling
  • And more!
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What is EC Classifieds?

When El Clasificado launched EC Classifieds as their first English print publication, they sought to fill a market need in the wake of the closure of the Pennysaver. Since 2015 EC Classifieds continued to grow to serve a robust marketplace of buyers and sellers with a peak weekly print circulation of 300,000. The 2020 pandemic may have closed the door on the print magazine but opened the opportunity to create a contactless version of EC Classifieds with an easily accessible digital magazine available for free online.  More hyperlocal editions will be available soon to serve Southern California communities.

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