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Over 85 employees participated in the fundraiser and event for the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness and develop a cure for this disease.

EC Hispanic Media at 2016 Tour de Cure

EC Hispanic Media News. Long Beach, California

El Clasificado has become one of the most involved companies in the fight against diabetes, a disease that affects more than two million Latinos in the United States. This year, the EC Hispanic Media team, which includes brands such as MasClientes, Al Borde, Su Socio de Negocios, Quinceañera and El Clasificado, saw 85 employees join the battle to raise awareness of this epidemic by either running, walking, or riding miles at the Tour de Cure.

While this new record meant the company covered more ground by bicycle or foot during the event, it also helped to deliver more than $15,000 in charitable donations for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). These funds will be added to the $50,000 that EC Hispanic Media, and the fundraising efforts of the company and its employees, have been able to contribute towards the ADA over the past couple years.

In addition to the increases provided by EC Hispanic Media in participation and funds, there was a substantial increase in total funds raised, according to the ADA, as more than $750,000 were donated. “We are really excited about having so many people involved, especially from companies like EC Hispanic Media, because they really make an effort to stop this disease from growing,” said Julian Dillon, Director of Special Events for the American Diabetes Association.

El Clasificado Employees at Tour de CureMeanwhile, Joe Badame, co-founder of El Clasificado, Team Captain, and avid cyclist, was excited to once again fight against the diabetic epidemic. “This year I am especially proud of having so many people riding their bikes, and even running, for something as important as the fight against this disease,” he said. “It motivates me to continue participating in this wonderful race and get more people to join us in the future.”

The Tour de Cure, which took place last Sunday in Long Beach and the surrounding areas, is held in 44 states across the country to create awareness about the disease and helps 79 million people facing the risk of chronic diabetes.

As with previous years, several routes were available for the riders to choose from, ranging from 8 miles to even 100 miles for the most experienced riders. During the tour, cyclists receive water, fruit, cereal, and energy bars to stay hydrated and energized for the race.

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