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Three, of which, went to his editorial team and one for the best publication online.

The EC Hispanic Media portfolio was once again one of the NAHP gala champions (National Association of Hispanic Publications), as the conglomerate was recognized in six categories including two gold awards – the first highlighting the excellence in circulation for its flagship magazine, El Clasificado, and the second for Outstanding Latin American Culture Article, which recognized the company’s editorial team and their El Punto article regarding the resurgence of Tijuana after years of lawlessness and recklessness.

In addition to these two prestigious awards, the Norwalk-based company, won four additional awards including two editorial recognitions for articles about business and entertainment from El Punto, additional recognition as Best Publication Website for, which has now reached more than one million unique visitors per month, as well as further excellence for El Clasificado in it’s print product for Best Classified Section. This last one represents the ease in which customers are able to find the ads for products and services they are looking for within the publication.

“The NAHP awards highlight the enormous effort that we have accomplished in our adaptions towards digital technology. As we look to the future, we do not want to forget the success we are still seeing in our growing print products, and we continue to work towards balancing both opportunities for the readers, visitors and advertisers we serve,” said Martha de la Torre, co-founder of EC Hispanic Media. “In addition, we are especially proud of our editorial team and the awards that distinguish the excellence of El Punto monthly publication“.

The gala was held in Dallas, Texas, October 18-20, with the a large number of Hispanic media companies in attendance, each hoping to be recognized through their print and digital efforts, while also networking with other like-minded employees looking to further encourage greater success within their own organizations. EC