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El Clasificado opens office in Bakersfield to Serve the Growing Latino Population

By June 23, 2011December 24th, 2014Company News

Phase two of El Clasificado’s penetration into Central California soon to follow

El Clasificado, an EC Hispanic Media company, announces the successful grand opening of its Bakersfield office.  Headed by Regional Sales Manager, Arturo Casas, and a staff of four additional employees, the office serves Kern County and responds to the growing demand of El Clasificado’s products and services in the area.

“El Clasificado has been distributed in Bakersfield for about two years already. However, the high demand for our product and the desire to have a more direct connection with our readers and clients has accelerated the opening of this office.  In addition, we purchased the building where the office is located.  These facts indicate one thing clearly, we are in Bakersfield to win, create jobs and to stay for the long haul” said Mr. Casas.

Kern County is home to over 400,000 Hispanics or 49% of the total population. Bakersfield represents a main metropolitan center for the county and an important gateway to the Central Valley of California. Given that El Clasificado has recently started distribution of its products in Fresno, Bakersfield represents a strategic midpoint between the Fresno operation and the Southern California headquarters.

Bakersfield counts with a thriving business community and an active Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The grand opening ceremony, which took place on June 16th,, was attended by diverse business and community groups including the office of Senator Michael Rubio and the office of Representative Kevin McCarthy. Addressing the attending crowd of about 60 people and with traditional trio music on the background, Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Evaristo Rubio welcomed El Clasificado CEO and co-Founders Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame to Bakersfield. “This grand opening has and will continue to have a huge impact in our community.  We are solidly in support of your operation here and are thankful to be part of your growth and the growth of our business community” said Mr. Rubio.

“In this tough economic time and even as some of our competitors in the print business shrink or go out of business, El Clasificado has found a way to thrive.  We do this by focusing on our key audiences: our readers and clients. In fact, some of the key distribution points where El Clasificado is found today, once belonged to competitors that have moved out of Bakersfield.  We cut deals with them to remove the rack and ship it to them in exchange for rights to the location. This is an important step in a personal crusade of ours. We always wanted to have an office in Bakersfield because it is a strategic hub for our growing California operations” said Martha de la Torre, CEO and Publisher of El Clasificado.

Watch video of the grand opening ceremony here

El Clasificado is a Los Angeles based company with headquarters in Norwalk, California.  Through its flagship print product, El Clasificado, EC Hispanic media reaches 1.5 million Hispanics on a weekly basis.  Its footprint extends from the Central Valley of California to San Diego with a distribution of 460,000. In the last year, the distribution has grown at a neck breaking pace, and has recently expanded into the Fresno and the Bakersfield markets. EC Hispanic Media, also owns which generates 6 million page views a month across the United States. EC Hispanic Media’s events division produces “Quinceañera Expo” which attracts 10,000 attendees annually, and the “Su Socio de Negocios” small business workshop series. Bilingual edgy music loving Hispanics are reached via and its yearly “Día de los Muertos” event in November.

The Central Valley Region, which includes Fresno, Tulare and
Bakersfield, will be headed by Arturo Casas who can be reached at (888)

Corporate contact:
Steve Nunez, Senior Marketing Coordinator, al 1-888-204-4591 | via e-mail [email protected]

El Clasificado’s Bakersfield office is located at:
2419 Brundage Ln Bakersfield, CA. 93304 | [tel] 661-323-7500 | [fax] 661-215-5730