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The El Clasificado founder appears in a list published on the CNBC network website

The economic strength of Latinos in the United States is increasing every day, with the number of Hispanic-owned businesses currently standing at 3.1 million. A major factor contributing to this surge has been the Latin community’s important presence in key cities like Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, where entrepreneurs have seen a golden opportunity to serve Spanish-speaking consumers.

Recognizing this increase in Hispanic entrepreneurship, the economic portion of the CNBC network’s website has published a list of the 10 most important Hispanic entrepreneurs in America, including names like Maria Contreras-Sweet, founder of ProAmerica Bank, and Tony Jimenez, founder of MicroTech.

Also in this select group is Martha de la Torre, founder of El Clasificado, an LA-based company founded in 1988, which over the years has grown exponentially thanks to its strong relations with the Latin community, not only in the LA area but also throughout the Central and Southern California market.

The company’s success has been built on an impressive print distribution of more than 500,000 weekly copies covering an area starting in San Diego and north to Bakersfield and Fresno, as well as it’s high-performing website,, with its 25 million monthly page views and nearly a million unique visitors.

“After supporting the community for 27 years, we are proud to be included in this list of the nation’s most successful Latin entrepreneurs,” said Martha de la Torre, as soon as she heard the news. “Our work, however, is far from finished as we will continue working diligently to create groundbreaking products to fill our market’s needs.”

Beyond El Clasificado alone, De la Torre, together with her husband and cofounder Joe Badame, managed to turn a weekly magazine of classified ads into an entire media conglomerate targeting the Latin market under the name EC Hispanic Media. From this enterprise, several niche websites and events have also emerged including and, as well as print products such as the monthly magazine El Punto and a special supplement dedicated to quinceañeras that is distributed eight times a year.

What’s more, and with the PennySaver magazine out of business, the dynamic entrepreneur recently announced the launching of yet another print product focused on the market that had now become vacant with the start of EC Classifieds, El Clasificado’s new English-language publication. EC Classifieds made its debut this week with a print-run of 95,000 copies and