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Meet our Future LA Leaders

By July 3, 2020November 11th, 2020Company News

EC Classifieds wants to recognize our graduating students.

May all their hard work reward them with hopeful futures.

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Class of 2020 graduates

EC Classifieds wants to take the time amidst this pandemic to recognize our 2020 graduating students.

Currently our communities are still continuing to struggle with getting back on their feet during COVID-19. Families and businesses are still facing great challenges economically. And our environment still remains with a lot of unknowns as we yearn to return to our previous forms of normality.

Hope is needed all around to lift spirits. For this we see a need to help.

We urge our young graduating students to see past the uncertainty they may have at the upheaval of their lives during these unprecedented times. They need hope now more than ever.

We urge our young minds to remember all their hard work in passing their classes, late night studying, getting home late after sport practice, and pushing themselves to get to class on time. They need to know their dreams can surpass their fears.

With our same goal to encourage small businesses to rebuild, we also want to encourage our young leaders to “rebuild.”

EC Classifieds wants to honor students for the entire month of July and highlight them as young leaders in our digital magazine.

These future innovates, inventors, thinkers, and inspiring individuals are currently looking at a world in chaos with uncertainty around every corner. However, we have seen many situations where a person can reinvent and maneuver themselves amongst hardship to surpass their circumstances. We have faith in our graduates to do so.

Please share with us in recognizing these future leaders from our local communities in the Greater Los Angeles area

These students graduating will move on to dedicate themselves across a diverse array of business fields and we look forward to seeing them grow to their potential. Contact us now and submit a photo of a graduating student you would like to honor publicly.

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The truth is, we are always eager to be involved with the community around us to help fill a void, address a problem, or pay a bit forward to those in need of help. We are always thankful and honored to be able to serve people in our communities through the resources of our multimedia platforms.

What is EC Classifieds?

When El Clasificado launched EC Classifieds as their first English print publication, they sought to fill a market need in the wake of the closure of the Pennysaver. Since 2015 EC Classifieds continued to grow to serve a robust marketplace of buyers and sellers with a peak weekly print circulation of 300,000. The 2020 pandemic may have closed the door on the print magazine but opened the opportunity to create a contactless version of EC Classifieds with an easily accessible digital magazine available for free online.  More hyperlocal editions will be available soon to serve Southern California communities.

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