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The last expo of the year brought more than 1,000 people to the Del Mar Fairgrounds

Editorial staff. San Diego

2016 Expo San Diego

There are few places in the world where you can feel the intensity and passion for a Quinceañera party like San Diego. Of course, its proximity to Mexico and large Latino population have a lot to do with it, which are a couple of the main reasons why the last Quinceañ Expo of the year was a success, with more than 1,000 attendees at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in search of the latest trends in the market.

With a remarkable presentation that included banquet halls, food to serve during the celebration, DJ’s, dresses, and a fashion show to close the event, with dresses from by Anna Kiryakos, who is convinced that the quinceañera market is growing fast.

“These types of events are great for businesses like mine because it is much easier to connect with people directly,” Kiryakos said just before starting the fashion show. “I think it’s going well because my designs are simple and sophisticated and many girls like that. In fact, I’m attracting new clients. The other day, I had a girl who didn’t want a party and when she walked past my store with her mother, she changed her mind.”

Minutes later, one of her assistants came to confirm that she had just sold another dress at the booth. “Clearly, business is good and people are willing to spend money.”

However, not everyone sees it the same way. Silvia Arce, owner of The White Dress by Marie F., said that “the economy is not at its best and that is the reason why people do not want to spend more than $600 on a dress. In addition, it is now common to offer the customer special packages that include the hall and dress, among other things.”

Marissa Velez, Jennifer’s mother, thinks it is good that competition exists. Although she does not want to overspend on the party, she will do everything possible to ensure that the party goes as planned. “For these things it is best not be too stingy because it’s a once in lifetime event and we work so hard for it. The entire family is thrilled and we hope to make it happen with our budget. This expo has given us really good ideas.”