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Supérate LA Brings First Ever Virtual Job Fair Designed for Los Angeles Latinos

By August 31, 2020November 12th, 2020Company News

A Virtual Job and Career Fair presented by El Clasificado and to be held on October 13 and 14, 2020 to match job opportunities with displaced Latino workers and Latinos looking for opportunities to build a career.

Disproportionately affected by job loss, Hispanics have seen 4.1% greater rates for unemployment than the general population during the pandemic’s peak. And, while the gap may have narrowed to 3.3%, according to research by the Pew Research Center, there’s still an obvious need for opportunities for Latinos to be able to find jobs, especially in an area like Los Angeles, the city where more Hispanics call home than any other location in the nation.

To counter this, El Clasificado and EmpleosLatino are bringing Supérate LA, the city’s first virtual job and career fair specifically designed for Spanish-speaking Latinos to help connect job seekers with hiring managers looking to fill open job opportunities. This will also be a career fair where Latinos will learn how to improve their job opportunities by learning about micro-credential careers, good paying jobs that don’t require a college degree, good jobs that require little experience and other paths out of entry level minimum wage jobs.

Originally scheduled to take place at the Long Beach Convention Center, the pandemic forced a change of plans, and in the technology needed to host the event. Fortunately, however, these changes helped provide even greater opportunities and benefits for both job seekers and employers.

Through El Clasificado and’s partnerships with the City of Los Angeles, VensureHR and Cerritos College, the job fair is set to help provide even more resources to applicants with a schedule of workshops that otherwise don’t exist within their native Spanish language, including:

  • Tools for Creating the Perfect Resume
  • Tips for Standing Out From the Crowd
  • How to Prepare for the Interview Process; as well as tips to prepare for future employment
  • Outlooks on Top Industries for Future Employment
  • Microlearning & Micro-credential Opportunities for Better Careers
  • Los Angeles Workforce Development Programs presented by Lisa Salazar of the City of LA
  • How to step up and become a supervisor
  • Communication skills for success when English is your challenging second language
  • And more!
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Not only will these courses and resources help hard workers stand out from the other applicants, they’re also geared to help educate job seekers about hard to fill opportunities and make filling those positions easier in the short term and the future.

“We’re extremely excited to be able to provide this opportunity to the Los Angeles community workforce. I started El Clasificado thirty-two years ago because my mom & dad didn’t have access in their language to the same resources I did, and I wanted to make sure those existed for other Spanish speakers,” said El Clasificado and EmpleosLatino Founder, Martha de la Torre. “While I’ve always wanted to support our communities, they’ve also supported us just as much, and this virtual job and career fair is just another opportunity for us to support each other. Even if that means virtual meetings that can be held from a computer, tablet, or cell phone to find jobs that are much needed during this time.”

Those looking to sign up simply need to provide their name and their email to reserve their spot and to get the link for their invitation to the virtual job and career fair as well as the different educational sessions, resources for applying for jobs, and access to recruiters around the Los Angeles area looking to hire employees just like them!

Los Angeles’s first ever virtual job fair for Spanish-speaking Latinos is scheduled to come to you on October 13 and 14, 2020!

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