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The well-known journalist and host of CNN Dinero spoke with the founder of El Clasificado about the launch of the new magazine in English.

Martha de la Torre’s entrepreneurial vision is panoramic. After it was announced that the magazine PennySaver was closing its doors, the founder of El Clasificado immediately recognized an opportunity for continued growth. Thus, started EC Classifieds, the first magazine produced by EC Hispanic Media in English, targeted toward the Latin market whose preferred language is English.

The bold launch July 1 of this new publication has caught the attention of the media. Speaking via satellite on CNN Dinero just days ago, the show’s host Xavier Serbia spoke with Martha about her intentions in creating this new product called EC Classifieds.

“California has a very large Hispanic community. For the newly arrived immigrant, just knowing that there is a publication like El Clasificado in Spanish is a huge help, and its success has allowed you to diversify. But now that you are entering the English market, aren’t you concerned about the competition like Craigslist?,” asked Serbia.


Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame, Founders of El Clasificado

“The reason we haven’t produced a magazine in English until now was precisely because of the PennySaver, a very powerful magazine that had a circulation of 9 million magazines a week,” said De la Torre. “Them going bankrupt afforded us an opportunity we could not pass up.”

Furthermore, De la Torre also explained that EC Hispanic Media has been prepared for when the opportunity arises since they already serve a bilingual audience with publications like Quinceañ and, which have been around for some time now.


Such preparation underscores De la Torre’s vision of the Latin market segment, as pointed out by the CNN Dinero host. “Are you seeing the same thing as Univision and other media outlets, that the Hispanic market that is growing the most is the English-speaking one?”

“Undoubtedly, and we now have products for every Latin community,” said the successful entrepreneur.

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