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US Hispanics and the importance of Spanish Advertising As Time reported yesterday, Mattel is counting on Latina moms during the upcoming Holiday season to help further drive sales for their most popular brands. Shifting from their general marketing strategies of translating their English campaigns when marketing to US Hispanics, they are launching “Toy Feliz,” a Spanish centric campaign (with a Spanglish twist as Toy Feliz is a play on Estoy Feliz) to help improve their Hispanic campaigns by communicating with their targeted demographic in their preferred language.* read
Reaching the Local New York City Hispanic Market New York City_17969741_m General  Demographic Information* The New York-Northeastern NJ metropolitan area has the second largest US Hispanic population in the nation with 4.3 million Latinos. Hispanics living in the New York metropolitan area make up 24.2% of the local population. There are more New York Hispanics associated with Puerto Rican heritage than any other Latino nationality. 42% of the Hispanic population is foreign born. read
Increase in the US Hispanic Market Buying Power
Sol Trujillo is a man who has extensive leadership experience in the fields of global telecommunications, media, and cable industry. He is, and has been, an active corporate board member for numerous Fortune 500 companies, helping to further drive overall growth. He also helped champion high-speed broadband to further stimulate all sectors of the economy.
Analyzing Argentinian Folk Tales to Improve International Hispanic Market Campaigns While many people would assume that Argentines have a strongly religious culture following the election of “Papa Francisco,” it should also be noted that they, like many Latino American cultures, are very much rooted in the folklore passed down for generations. Being able to understand the meanings and purposes behind the stories not only can help to improve the knowledge of the Argentine culture, but also the Argentine International Hispanic Market as in many cases these stories are still passed on by emigrated families. read
Reaching the Local Chicago Hispanic Market General Demographic Information • Chicago has the fifth largest Hispanic metropolitan population in the United States* • 21% of the population is Hispanic* • 40% of the population is foreign born* • Mexican and Mexican-Americans make up the largest percentage of Hispanic nationalities* read
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