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If by now, you’ve already determined the geo where your campaign will be running as well as the target US Hispanic market you are trying to reach and your marketing message, the next logical step would involve determining how to roll the campaign out. Of course, you’re going to want multiple channels, and, of course, you’re going to want to maintain a unified message that increases brand awareness while connecting with your already decided Latino demo to generate greater sales. However, what are the channels that you should choose?


Hispanic_Millennial_and_His_Cell_PhoneAs we’ve discussed in the past, the Hispanic population has shown that they have over-indexed on mobile, including on where more than 75% of all visits come from mobile devices. While many marketers are still in the midst of discussing the “multi-screen marketing” programs, the US Latino Millennial market has been leading the mobile only charge, having been named the “first ‘mobile-first’ generation” in a recent report released by Univision and the iab.* The same report also notes that Hispanic Millennials are considered to always be online except when they want to be hiding or unavailable. However, Latino Gen-Yers are also willing to provide their contact information for SMS and e-mail messaging campaigns assuming that the brand is one that they consider positively or that identifies and helps meet their wants and needs. Because the mobile Hispanic Millennial is already almost constantly connected via their phones as well, this then helps to drive the results for campaigns of this nature. This, of course, also works under the assumption that the campaigns will reflect their own personal interests, style, and sense of self within their cultural duality will resonate more.*

Working within the connectedness of the Latino Gen-Yers, companies looking to reach the Hispanic-American Millennial market can further find success by prospectively working within the functionality of mobile devices, particularly smartphones, to further drive response towards their advertising campaigns. Specifically, via contextual advertising and retargeting mobile advertising campaigns, companies will be able to see immediate gains in their advertising efforts. To take it a step further for driving greater success, companies should also look to gather the contact information of previous clients as well as potential clients who may not have completed their purchase cycle. This information can then be later used to reach out via SMS messaging and e-mail to reach an already engaged audience, assuming that the messages are able to still identify with the Millennial market culturally.


Latina_Mom_Watching_TV_with_iPadWhile in many cases, Hispanic Millennials embody a mobile first community, their behaviors also overlap with Latina-American Moms, who may fall into both demos. However, it has also been shown that in many cases Hispanic mothers will look to other more traditional sources of media at certain points along their purchase decision-making process. In these cases, they are often multi-connected through their mobile devices with family, brands, and entertainment while also connected with friends and/or researching via social media outlets.**

As such, with their likelihood for multitasking, Latina Moms provide opportunities for running multi-screen marketing campaign. Given that Latina moms are also still highly engaged with watching TV shows, and with the limited time a given brand can be allotted, companies looking to reach the Hispanic matriarchs, can look to place their ads in a normal ad slot, via product placement, or through recognized sponsorship for segments or entire episodes. While each opportunity can further highlight a brand’s products and services, companies can also look to use this opportunity to suggest for ways that Latina moms would be able to still interact with the campaign via websites or social media when they are either not watching TV, or on their second screen while the program is still airing. Considering that 67% of Latina moms have also said that finding information online is important to them,*** this strategy also presents an greater opportunity to drive traffic to your campaign in a way that resonates well with creating a positive brand interaction to drive greater sales.

As seen in both marketing opportunities for Latina moms and Hispanic Millennials, and given the connectivity of the US Hispanic market in general, creating campaigns now are able to resonate in driving interest not only in the initial advertisement, but also in developing further interaction to keep Latino buyers engaged with the brand to drive further sales.

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