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General Demographic Information
• Chicago has the fifth largest Hispanic metropolitan population in the United States*
• 21% of the population is Hispanic*
• 40% of the population is foreign born*
• Mexican and Mexican-Americans make up the largest percentage of Hispanic nationalities*

Chicago Local Hispanic Market Insights
The Hispanic population of Illinois tends to prefer urban and suburban areas and are primarily made up of Hispanic Millennials
• There are 1,971,000 Hispanics living in the city and suburbs, accounting for nearly 95% of Hispanics in the state of Illinois*
• The Median Age is 27*
While the median Latino income is near the national average ($21,505***), the Local Hispanic Market of Chicago is also concerned with ensuring the well-being of their families.
• Chicago Hispanics median income is $21,874***
• The lowest share of children younger than 18 without health insurance (7%)**
And, as with many other Local Hispanic Markets, the population is still growing!
• Between 2000-2013, the Hispanic Population grew by 39.3%****

Hispanic Buying Power Report