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Despite the diversity of niches within the U.S. Hispanic Market, one thing remains constant - the increasingly high use of smartphones by Hispanics.

The Beginner’s Guide to Hispanic Media Consumption

Portrait of beautiful young long-haired woman with mobile phoneWhen it comes to targeting the U.S. Market, understanding Hispanic media consumption trends and the nuances of their communities will help greatly.

First of all:

While it’s easier to design target campaigns to the U.S. Hispanic Market in general, it would be more beneficial to customize campaigns to specific niches within this diverse market. The diversity of the market – composed of niche communities varied widely in country of origin, education, socio-economic status, and citizenship – offers a wide range of opportunities for media companies who properly address Hispanic media consumption trends.

Here’s the deal: Despite the diversity of niches within the U.S. Hispanic Market, one thing remains constant across this market however that media companies should act on – the increasingly high use of smartphones by Hispanics.

>>But first, WHO are we’re talking about?

Hispanic Millennials:

Hispanics are the second-largest ethnic population in the United States. They are also the fastest growing population.  And so we beg – businesses, brands, and media companies alike – take note that the purchasing power of the Hispanic community is coming in at $1.3 trillion on an annual basis…

(That’s a lot of mula).

With this figure in mind, it is even greater to note that these Hispanic Millennials use smartphones and mobile devices more than any other American ethnic group. In fact, about 77 percent of surveyed Hispanics own a smartphone, and more than 50 percent own a tablet. By the age of 15, 64 percent of Hispanics own a mobile phone and spend 42 percent more time on these devices than most groups.

INFOGRAPHIC: Overview of Hispanic Millenials and Disposable Income

Bottom line is: More than any other Hispanic or American segment, Hispanic Millennials are online and actively seeking or communicating information about lifestyle, new/media, sports, entertainment, and fashion – all areas for media companies to influence with custom campaigns.

Hispanic Buying Power Report

The current Hispanic media consumption trends – specifically relating to millennials – also offers mobile reach opportunities for media companies. Overall Hispanics spend quite a bit more time online and on smartphone apps than most Americans. Downloading apps, using digital video, and surfing the Web, these avid mobile user spend almost 50 hours a month on apps and the Web.

Underlying these tendencies, research shows that this ethnic group spends about 20 percent of their time shopping on the Web. About 6.4 hours per month is the average amount of time Hispanics shop online while most other ethnic groups only spent 1.1 hours per month shopping on their smartphones.

In fact, Hispanic groups, and particularly young bilingual latinas, are also leading to the adoption of new digital devices. Eagerly purchasing new technology as it becomes available, Hispanic women are currently the largest e-commerce market in the world.

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>>WHAT does this mean for you?

Well, with their high online and mobile device usage, Hispanics are proving to be a vital target audience. Actively involved on multiple platforms, the relevancy of their consumption patterns cannot be denied.

For more information to connect with this valuable audience, download our media kit here!