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EC Hispanic Media held a focus group on January 23, 2014 to gain insight on what content is of most interest to the US Hispanic El Clasificado readers. Questions included what content is of interest and what content should be added. The results of the focus group show the latest interests of the Hispanic community in terms of content and why they prefer them.


Hispanic college studentThe content of interest rated highest among the focus group is all information containing job related opportunities such as job availability, job training, and courses that offer a skillset to add on a resume. Further displaying the strong interest in finding information to improve their employment opportunities and to obtain a stable job, the focus group also ranked content relating to education as one of the most sought for content within the weekly El Clasificado publication. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, workshops offering skills such as sales training and online courses such as computer skills.

Aside from self-improvement content, El Clasificado car listings were also rated highly, demonstrating the increase in purchase ready and information searching Hispanics looking to upgrade or buy a vehicle. Providing information on numerous new and used cars with price, miles, vehicle features and other pertinent information, the El Clasificado publication helped to facilitate a means for providing the necessary details that prospective and purchase ready car buyers would be looking for prior to contacting a dealership or private party. The focus group also particularly enjoyed that the publication contained information that pertained to Latinos in Spanish as well the recipes that the publication provided.


Happy hispanic man in his new carReflecting the content that was currently being read sought after by the focus group, they also generally agreed that they wanted to see more content on unemployment in El Clasificado’s weekly publication. In particular, the group wanted more Information regarding the rights of an unemployed person has, the benefits one can apply for and how to apply for them, as well as the different resources that were available for the unemployed.
Focus Group members also demonstrated an interest in additional entertaining content in fields such as a gossip section for celebrity news as well as a section for jokes/humor.

On April 18, EC Hispanic Media will release the findings of the focus group as a free eBook. Reserve your copy today!

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