El Clasificado Doubles Down on Quinceanera.com, Launching Weekly Digital Magazines and Virtual XV Expos

By November 16, 2020December 9th, 2020Company News

Quinceanera.com is a multi-faceted entity, only continuing to gain traction through their in-person and virtual expos, a digital app, weekly magazine, newsletters, social media presence, blog, and more.

Since its inception in 2001, Quinceanera.com has made it their mission to provide young Latinas across the country a day they will never forget. From giving advice, to creating tutorials, to hosting community outreach events, Quinceanera.com has been at the forefront of the party-planning industry.

This industry is definitely one worth investing in. 400,000 Latina girls turn 15 each year – and with that birthday comes one of the most extravagant, entertaining, and important events these young girls and their families will ever attend. So, it makes sense that on average, these families will spend between $15,000 and $20,000 on their daughters’ parties. That means the quince industry garners a profit of around $8 billion every single year.

El Clasificado first launched the Quinceanera.com website in 2001 and held its first Quinceanera.com Expo and Fashion Show on July 30, 2006 with the slogan “Quinceañera: quince años, quince más ¿hasta dónde llegarás?” (which, in English, means 15 years, 15 more, how far will you go?).  The single annual expo soon expanded to 8 annual expos throughout California with over 1 million Quinceanera.com magazines. Soon after the launch of the inaugural Las Vegas Quinceanera.com Expo in Feb. 2020, the pandemic hit and lockdowns forced all remaining expos to be canceled.  Worse, young Latinas, waiting for their XV celebration were now in limbo – unsure how to overcome their disappointment. With more lockdowns looming in the near future, Quinceanera.com is choosing to pivot – supporting its loyal XV sponsors and service providers.

Quinceanera.com has launched a weekly XV digital magazine to help girls navigate through lockdowns and gain all sorts of insight on how to throw a fantastic quince party – even during COVID.

Quinceanera.com continues to expand its audience reach

This need for reliable XV information is one of the many reasons Quinceanera.com has decided to bolster and expand their products and services using a variety of platforms including:

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With a wide array of services, content, and assistance available, Quinceanera.com is more ready than ever to lead the industry.

We can’t let a pandemic stop Latina girls from celebrating a party they have been imagining for years. We have so many fantastic tips on how to enjoy every aspect of your or your daughter’s quinceañera. These girls can still have their beautiful dress, tiara, a couple chambelans, and an all-day celebration via Zoom. Don’t believe us? Check out our virtual expo this weekend Nov. 21, 2020,” CEO and Founder, Martha de la Torre said.

Quinceanera.com also plans to continue improving every aspect of their services. In fact, Quinceanera.com will hold face to face expos when the pandemic is over but, in the meantime, they are working to offer virtual expos for teens across the country including regions such as Miami, Houston, New York, Chicago and more.

With refreshed commitment and inspiration to dominate the virtual party-planning sphere – Quinceanera.com is on its way to immeasurable success. Now, it’s just a matter of time.

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About El Clasificado.com

Founded in 1988 by Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame, El Clasificado is a multi-media company currently serving over 100,000 small businesses each week. Since day one this certified minority-owned business has encouraged local communities to thrive with marketplaces in print, online, and through social avenues targeting U.S. Latinos in Spanish and English.