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El Clasificado Publishes the Ultimate Guide to Copa America


The publication, distributed in five different regions, is the most comprehensive and easiest way to follow this great soccer tournament being held in Chile.

Once again, El Clasificado will be following one of the biggest sports events by launching a special supplement for Hispanics soccer fans, a complete guide to follow the Copa America from the beginning to the end. The tournament, one of the most important in this sport, will be held in Chile, from June 11 to July 4.

In total, there will be five editions for different regions in California, from the Central Valley to San Diego via the Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and Orange County, all loaded with information about a tournament that will include renowned soccer players such as Neymar Jr, Leo Messi, and James Rodriguez, amongst others.


Guide to Copa America Soccer tournament 2015

Each of these outstanding players have received special attention within the supplement with content on what it is expected of them and their teams including other stars like Raul Jimenez and Marco Fabian, who will represent Mexico’s hope to do something important in Chile.

Also, included in the publication is a complete calendar for every day from the group stage to the final, with television schedules so that the reader does not miss anything from the tournament. In addition, there is information regarding the host cities, stadiums, the construction process of the fields, and a special look at Santiago, Chile, as a tourist destination from its capital, to the Atacama Desert, and it’s beaches.

“We have once again made a major effort to give the community information about their favorite sport, which is none other than sooccer,” said Joe Badame, co-founder of El Clasificado. “Our main goal is to satisfy the Spanish-speaking community and to prove that print is still alive even in a digital world. And with this new Guide to Copa America, we’ve achieved it.”

The Copa America publication marks the second time the supplement has been published by El Clasificado after its 2011 edition, and the fourth guide devoted to soccer, following two previous publications dedicated to the World Cup, including the tournaments held in South Africa and Brazil.

The Guide for Copa America can also be downloaded as an eBook here.