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The 10 Moments from 2020 That Made El Clasificado Stronger Than Ever!

By January 8, 2021January 11th, 2021Company News

In a year filled with uncertainty, one thing that remained the same was El Clasificado|EC Hispanic Media’s commitment to their employees, clients, and community.

10. Expanding Expos & Fashion Shows Outside California

On February 9, 2020, our team at hosted their first expo and fashion show outside the state of California. Debuting in Las Vegas, the expo was an enormous success attracting over 1,300 attendees and 40 vendors ready to make quince teens’ dreams come true. expands expo events outside california in 2020

9. Donating Hundreds of Christmas Gifts to the Door of Faith Orphanage

The 2020 holiday season was unlike any other. El Clasificado employees knew that didn’t mean the spirit of giving needed to change. From December 5 to December 21, the EC team collected hundreds of gifts for kids ranging from 2-16 years old at Door of Faith Orphanage in Mexico. Team members drove hours to hand-deliver the donations.

el clasificado gathers Christmas gifts for children in mexico

8. Hosting a Virtual Quinceañera Banquet for 6 Girls in the Foster System

On October 3, 2020 El Clasificado teamed up with to host a quinceañera party for 6 young women in the foster care system. Thanks to the generosity of over 25 sponsors across southern California, these girls were able to have an experience they will never forget. hosts virtual banquet for foster care girl 2020

7. Growing Our Digital Agency During a Pandemic Using Our Own Platform - Twyzle

One of El Clasificado’s cornerstone products is Twyzle – a digital platform that allows clients to build websites and run online advertisements in under a minute. Its success has been incredible to watch during a time when the digital world is the only world we know. In fact, one of our brands, Mas Clientes, now has over 600 clients utilizing the Twyzle platform and loving every second.

el clasificado grows digital agency twyzle

6. Launching Su Socio De Negocios Magazine

In November 2020, EC Hispanic Media’s business brand, Su Socio De Negocios, launched a digital magazine. The product is first-of-its-kind in its field as one of the only professional, business publications written entirely in Spanish. Its first editions drew recognition from audiences nationwide.

su socio de negocios offers free digital magazines

5. Hosting Our First Ever Job & Career Fair for Over 500 Jobseekers

Supérate L.A. was the first job and career fair EC Hispanic Media ever tackled – and we did it all virtually. To make this event a success, El Clasificado teamed up with our brand EmpleosLatino to create an unforgettable experience. Filled with keynote speakers, educational workshops, and direct interaction with actively hiring businesses, Supérate L.A. was honored to host over 500 jobseekers.

virtual job fair 2020

4. Launching eBooks for El Clasificado & EC Classifieds

El Clasificado is best-known for its flagship product of a weekly print shopper – appearing in high traffic Hispanic communities since 1988. This year, in the wake of COVID-19, our team decided we needed to make our products accessible to all – regardless of location or access. Thus, we transitioned our classic print product into a clean, interactive, digital version. Now, El Clasificado produces 13 eBooks every single week with readership from all across the world.

10 moments from 2020 that made el clasificado stronger press release

3. Hosting the Nation’s First Virtual Quinceanera Expo & Fashion Show

For over a decade, has been at the forefront of quinceañera innovation for Latina teens and their families. This year was no different. While we were unable to host our usual 11 annual in-person expos, the fun didn’t stop. We worked tirelessly to put on a virtual event – with all the fun and excitement of a live one – and ended up welcoming over 2,000 attendees from all across the country and the world.

jocelyn pasillas host of virtual quinceanera expo event

2. Winning an EPPY Award for Helping Small Businesses

On Oct. 27, 2020, El Clasificado’s trophy case got even bigger when the brand received its second EPPY Award in the category of “Best Promotional/Marketing Campaign with under 1 million unique monthly visitors.” The wining project was headed by Director of Marketing, Frank Zepeda. Titled, “Stimulus Package Extended to Help Latino-Serving Small Businesses” the goal of the project was to help 1,000 small businesses who serve or are located in Latino communities get online.

el clasidficado wins EPPY award

1. Persevering to Become Stronger Than Ever in Print

Since its inception in 1988, El Clasificado and its family brands have continually strived for excellence. 2020 was no different. Despite a global pandemic resulting in staff decreases, revenue losses, and various other obstacles – El Clasificado remained stronger than ever in the world of print. The El Clasificado weekly print magazine continues to not only survive, but thrive in hundreds of communities from the Central Valley of California through Los Angeles, Orange County, and down to the Mexican border. In 2021, we plan to stand firm behind our mission and continue to be the trusted channel of communication for buyers and sellers that connect in thriving Latino communities – and we hope you’ll join us along the way.

ec hispanic media team photo matching shirts
el clasificado established since 1988 call to action

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