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Martha de la Torre interviewed by CNN en Español

By September 20, 2013April 15th, 2015Company News

Martha de la torre con Xavier Serbia

The founder of El Clasificado shares the secrets of her success on the International Women’s Day.

The progresses of women in business have increased over the years, but much remains to be done. That was the message that Xavier Serbia, the popular host of the “CNN Dinero”, wanted to send to the thousands of viewers on the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8th.

On such a special day, CNN en Español invited Martha de la Torre, a woman who knows the sacrifices that need to be done in business.

“There were many years of sacrifices. The truth is that when I did El Clasificado’s business plan I never thought after 23 years I would be in the place I am today” says the renowned entrepreneur, proud today to be leading the largest weekly Spanish-language classified in the U.S.

Her success was influenced by the fact of being treated equally. “I never received special treatment for being a woman or Latina. My father encouraged me to go to school just like my brothers, and I did. Also, in Ernst & Young where I worked as a manager for 8 years, they encouraged women to achieve senior positions”, explained Mrs. de la Torre.

The El Clasificado founder further explained saying that she does not think there should be a predetermination of the number of women who should work in a company. “I don’t believe in this; I never wanted any special treatment for me and this helped me thrive.”

Currently, El Clasificado is going through great moments of glory. This company started with an initial investment of $350,000, and is now producing nearly $20 million in annual revenue in addition to having a weekly circulation of 475,000 throughout the Central Valley and Southern California. “The key is knowing the needs of your customers, something that my husband and I have learned over the years”. The truth is that behind this great woman there is a great man. “Without my husband, Joe Badame, we wouldn’t succeeded today. Thanks to his support and energy we could move forward. ”

Finally, Mrs. de la Torre stressed the importance of knowing the strengths and
weaknesses of your team to properly position them in a company.

These were great tips from a female entrepreneur on such a special day that for sure it will inspire all women who want to start a business anywhere in the world.


Alicia García de Angela
Director of Communications | El Clasificado