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More than 2,000 people attended the expo organized by in Ontario, the largest one in its yearly calendar of events.

No expense is spared to keep tradition alive. This was noticeably true for quinceañeras, the fifteenth birthday celebration for Latinas, as several thousands of people arrived at the Ontario Convention Center on Sunday, September 27, for the seventh Expo of 2015. Looking for a memorable event to help with the planning of all things for the party, attendees were treated to an elegant fashion show presented by Moda 2000 and Decoradísimo, as well as the presence of Pedro Rivera, singer and father of legendary Jenny Rivera.


Before Pedro Rivera’s performance, the audience visited booths offering everything necessary to organize a magnificent quinceañera including unique and original ideas attendees may not have previously considered. That was the case for Dora Geering, who came with her sister in law and her daughter, Jeweliann. “There are so many things that I didn’t imagine existed, like the “Bus Salon” with full styling stations that comes to your house and does your hair,” said Geering enthusiastically.

The same enthusiasm was reflected among the businesses that were offering their services and were satisfied with the number of attendees and the attitude of the audience. “By observing people, there is no doubt that the Quinceañera industry is going through a boom,” said Mayra Lizarraga, event manager at Pomona Valley Mining Co., a company offering full services for parties, from the banquet hall to catering and even a dance floor. “There are thousands of people. The truth is that we are very impressed with the attendance and the promotion prior to this event.”

Diego Lopez, from the mariachi band “Sol de Veracruz,” who agreed with Lizarraga in the surprising number of people, also noted the importance of participating in these events for quinceañeras due to successful results often coming from long term investment. “Many people end up calling us after a while, because they are thinking of organizing the event in a year or so. It’s the best way to fight your competitors and get recognized.”

Further highlighting the potential for business success through quinceañeras was certainly Roxy, owner of the popular dress shop Roxy’s Bridal, who was one of the exhibitors at the event and who confirmed that quinceañeras are booming. “Even during financial struggles, people still spend on such a tradition. Families don’t worry too much about money. It is a special occasion and will always be.”

The expo, organized by El Clasificado, was emceed by journalist Carolina Sarassa, and had a special performance by singer, Don Pedro Rivera, who was his first time performing at a Expo and Fashion Show. “It is always a pleasure to sing in front of these beautiful women and to be part of their fifteen celebration somehow,” says Pedro Rivera, whose music is known for creating a special connection between fathers and daughters.