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While many marketers understand the need to target US Hispanics and the potential ROI due to the increasing purchasing power of Affluent US Hispanics and Upscale Latinos, advertisers, in many cases, believe they can still reach this market with their general English campaigns.* This, while in certain cases can be true, often ignores the greater likelihood for marketers to see improved ROI for their campaigns by connecting culturally with the higher-incomed upscale Latinos* via their preferred media and voice.


Upscale_Latina_Businesswomen_using_iPadAs the available resources for accessing traditional and non-traditional media have increased, Affluent and Upscale Latinos have also emerged as a savvy portion of the market utilitizing computers, smartphones, and tablets. In certain cases, they also differ from other Hispanics as well with the highest ownership of computers coming from families with higher annual incomes.** The same trend was also found in regards to cell phone ownership as 97% of Affluent and Upscale Hispanics owned a cellphone versus 83% of all other US Hispanics.**

In large part, Upscale and Affluent Latinos use their personal devices largely to stay connected to family and friends via social media, texts, and more; however, Affluent US Hispanics have also been shown to be highly active mobile users that will use their phones for internet access to research issues and opportunities related to education, empowerment, entertainment, and more.***

Hispanic_Family_Shopping_OnlineMore imporantly, however, beyond just using the internet for staying connected to family and friends as well as getting their news, the Affluent Latino and Hispanic Americans also accounted for 66% of all Latinos who spent $1,000 or more online in 2011.****

And while we’re able to identify key methods for getting your company’s products and services in front of the eyes of Upscale Latinos and Affluent Hispanics, as noted before, just launching an English campaign online will often not be enough to see a greater return with this particular market.

Looking into the language preferences for Upscale Latino-Americans and Affluent US Hispanics, they were often found to have their identities rooted with one foot in the American culture they lived in and their other foot in the culture of their heritage. As a result of their connection to both cultures, the wealthier Latino and Hispanic market also showed a greater propensity for bilingualism that often translates to a personal language which combines English and Spanish and bilingual preferences for media consumption.*****

Working towards driving this increased response, what we can see is that reaching the Affluent US Hispanics and Upscale Latino-Americans can be accomplished and successful via campaigns that not only are online and mobile, but also driven by verbiage that resonates with their connection to the English-Spanish language and also understanding what drives the Affluent US Hispanic market to make purchases.

Hispanic Buying Power Report


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