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PB & J is to bread as social media is to SEO.

SEO vs Social Media: Which is Best for Your Hispanic Digital Marketing
marketing plan SEO vs social media

Time to start a new Hispanic Digital Marketing playbook.

After a quick look at the current Hispanic digital marketing trends, it’s no wonder many leading advertising businesses are now considering online Hispanics as big players in their marketing playbooks!

These matcho digital marketing businesses rightly recognize the “DON’Ts” in Hispanic marketing. (Read what to avoid here: 5 Practices to avoid for your hispanic marketing campaigns)

But, in all honesty, there seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding SEO and social media.

And for that, we’re here to clear the grey area between these marketing techniques.

>>So stick with us for the best way to reach Hispanics via SEO or social media?

Let’s first begin with SEO.

SEO beats social media


If you’re looking for inspiration before running your Hispanic digital marketing campaign, look no further than Google. In a recent post on their company blog, the search giant spoke with excitement about embracing a market so in tune with the web and with exceptional buying power.

Think $1.5 trillion.

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Advantage of using SEO to reach Hispanics: Lack of competition. Lot’s of opportunities.

Most of your competitors aren’t trying to rank highly by using keywords aimed at this audience, and even fewer are using mobile-friendly SEO sites to target them.

Surely if there’s a gap in the market, the obvious course of action for your Hispanic digital marketing campaign is to target SEO, right?

Oh but, it’s not that simple…

How about social media?

social media beats seo


Traditionally, Hispanics are a very sociable people, with larger families than the US average, and groups of friends they hold dear. If a business doesn’t engage with this group and embrace their habits, it faces being left out, even if it runs a great SEO campaign.

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Advantage of using social media to reach Hispanics: Lack of competition. Lot’s of opportunities.

The fact that Hispanics embrace the latest mobile devices is a testament to their love of social media. In fact, Spanish hashtags trend frequently on Twitter which demonstrates this group’s desire to connect. Any business that targets Hispanics with SEO techniques but doesn’t incorporate social media into their Hispanic digital marketing campaign is sadly doomed to fail.

>>But like any healthy relationship, there’s a win-win solution in compromising!

Which leads us to suggest a combination of SEO and social media.

When used correctly together, SEO and social media can be incredible marketing techniques.

The advisable course of action for any business looking to run a Hispanic marketing campaign would be to focus on SEO early on, just to get a foothold in this colossal market, then use social media to complement this campaign and improve brand recognition.

The two, as we know, aren’t opposites. Google have admitted that social media “buzz” goes a long way towards determining a site’s ranking on their search platform.

So use both.

The PB & J Digital Marketing plan! Let SEO be your guiding structure – the bread. And let social media be the PB & J that binds everything together.

For more information to connect with this valuable audience, download our EC Hispanic Media media kit !