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For the first time in history, Latinos represent the largest minority in the electorate with an estimated 36.2 million eligible voters, making outreach in across the nation more important than ever, especially in areas with high Hispanic populations.

However, getting the excitement necessary for collecting their votes hasn’t been easy for many politicians, and it’s never been more important to capture this interest than now as more Latinos continue to register to vote.

In no small part, this can be attributed to be a lack of voter outreach as 25% of all eligible Latino voters said they were never contacted by a political party or candidate.

That’s where EC Hispanic Media comes in. We know the channels and the markets to help ensure that not only are your platforms front and center. And, we know how to get your message to resonate with Hispanic audiences in the most effective and efficient ways possible, both through language and channel across ages and locations.

Through our experience with countless other political campaigns and our 20 years of experience having helped businesses across the country expand their Hispanic outreach with local, statewide, and national campaigns, we know the Latino market.

Your Hispanic Marketing Outreach Solutions

Social Media Marketing

With Facebook refusing to allow campaigns to start a week before Election Day, the time is NOW to get your message in front of viewers in order to make sure that you can use the platforms that reach 7 in 10 of all Hispanics in the United States.

And, with our Facebook Certified team, not only will you be working with marketers approved to run political campaign ads, you’ll have access to our knowledge in regards to how boost the impact of your message across locations and age groups to help improve your Latino voter outreach.

Programmatic Advertising

It’s no secret that programmatic has become a buzzword in the marketing world, and it’s for good reason!

With our programmatic advertising approach, we can run campaigns across multiple devices to hyperlocally targeted locations with real time optimization all at affordable costs to help increase your outreach!

Digital Billboards

Technology has made it easier than ever to get your message in front of people even when they’re not on their phone, tablet, or even watching TV because our digital billboards can be viewed in some of the most high trafficked areas with high Hispanic populations.

So, not only can we get your platform in front of their eyes on their personal devices, we can make sure that you’re showing your concern for their needs nearly everywhere they are!

Video Advertising

Our specialized targeting helps to ensure that you’re reaching new voters and also continuing to reach out to those who have connected with your platform before to keep them energized as they cast their ballots on Election Day.

Don’t have a video ready to go in English or Spanish for Hispanic consumers? Our production team can even help with getting that ready for you!

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Hispanic Voting Power


Million Eligible Voters


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Expanding Latino Outreach in Battleground States

While local campaigns can swing in any way at any time, battleground states often can have impacts across the country.

We help amplify your voice in the states that have national impact!

Latinos Will Help Determine & Shape Politics in the Next Election and Moving Forward

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