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As Election Day Nears, The Time To Reach Latino Voters Is Now

By October 22, 2020November 12th, 2020Company News

As November 3 approaches, politicians looking to reach Latino voters still have options and opportunities to earn their vote with EC Hispanic Media.

With over 32 million eligible voters, Latinos now make up the largest voting eligible minority in the United States, representing over 13% of all eligible voters across the country, and often, even larger percentages of the voting eligible public in battleground states such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada.

And, as their voice continues to expand, these voters are poised to help shape the future of elections to come; however, 49% of all eligible Latino voters note that they were never contacted by a political party or candidate.

As a result, these voters are then left to vote based on what they hear from friends, family, the media, or what research they’re able to discover, while local, state, and federal politicians miss out on the opportunity to explain their positions and help increase the likelihood of earning their vote and support.

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“While the Latino population increases have helped to pace the growth of many cities and states, more importantly, there are more Hispanics that are registering to vote now than ever before. Beyond wanting to be able to have their voices heard in their local, state, and federal elections, they also present a tremendous opportunity for political campaigns that has often been historically ignored,” stated CEO of El Clasificado and EC Hispanic Media, Martha de la Torre.

Offering US Hispanic Voter Outreach Solutions

Through opportunities such as programmatic advertising, EC Hispanic Media is able to help reach voting eligible Latinos across platforms and devices through hyperlocal targeting in the districts you’re looking to target.

And, with digital billboards across the country, the company can also reach them when their eyes aren’t on their TVs, tablets, or computers to help ensure that your messages are highly viewable at all times and with as fast as 24 hour turnaround times for increased exposure leading up to election day.

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Programmatic Advertising

  • Digital Billboards

  • Video Advertising

“With US Hispanic votes there’s tremendous opportunity to help tilt the polls in any politician’s favor. And, with the election being a little less than two weeks away, there’s still time to encourage them to support your campaigns with their votes.” – Martha

Interested in reaching US Hispanic voters this election?

It’s not too late to get your messages in front of the largest voting eligible minority in the United States!

For more information on how EC Hispanic Media can help engage Latino voters contact Frank Zepeda at [email protected]. You can also call (855) 491-1435 or text (323) 643-8445 for more information.

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Founded in 1988 by Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame, El Clasificado is a multi-media company currently serving over 100,000 small businesses each week. Since day one this certified minority-owned business has encouraged local communities to thrive with marketplaces in print, online, and through social avenues targeting U.S. Latinos in Spanish and English.

El Clasificado is also the proud flagship brand within EC Hispanic Media’s diverse portfolio covering many niches within the US Latino market. Other brands include, direct-mail English shopper EC Classifieds, Latino entrepreneur brand Su Socio de Negocios, as well as online properties Mas Clientes and Empleos Latinos.